Venezuela adopted the renowned Belgian Saive Automatique, Fabrique Nationale (SAFN) Modèle 1949 self-loading rifle in 1950. Venezuela did not care for the short Belgian M1949 knife bayonet and opted to equip their SAFN M1949 rifles with a modified version of the Belgian M1924 Mauser sword bayonet. The muzzle ring on the M1924/49 is much larger to accomodate the SAFN 1949 rifle's heavy barrel. Otherwise, it is identical to bayonets used with FN-made Mauser M1924 rifles exported during the 1920's and 1930's. This represented the end of an era that began in the late 1700's. The last sword bayonet to be adopted by a major army.

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1950—The Last Sword Bayonet

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