In 1989, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia adopted the KCB-77 M6 bayonet, designed by the German firm, A. Eickhorn-Solingen, to equip the Saudi Arabian National Guard (SANG). The SANG is not a reserve component of the regular military, as in western nations. The SANG is a separate paramilitary force loyal to the royal family. Its primary role is internal security to act as a counterbalance against a military coup.

The modern-looking bayonet stands in stark contrast to the obsolescent 8 mm. Mauser Kar 98k rifle for which it was designed. Produced 117 years after the first Mauser bayonet, the German M1871, the KCB-77 M6 bayonet is historically-significant as the last bayonet designed for use with a Mauser military rifle.

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1989—The Last Mauser Bayonet

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