There are many more excellent books available, covering every conceivable collecting specialty. These books happen to be what I have accumulated over the years. Check back, as I frequently add new books to my library. Many of these books are out of print and command very high prices on the used market. I have included some relevant commentary regarding books that merit special mention or to point out books that represent especially good values to the collector. The BCN logo adjacent to the author’s name identifies the author as a BCN member, illustrating how the BCN served to advance the body of knowledge that exists on the bayonet today.
Bayonet Books in My Reference Library
  Aney, J. L., Capt. USR & Coombes, J. E., & Montclair, N. J. (1921), The Gew 98: The German Mauser Rifle, Model of 1898, F. Bannerman Sons, 20 pages. Reprint. (I know that the title says ‘rifle’, however, the book details 31 bayonet variations. This was probably the first-ever ‘book’ detailing German bayonets.). Available from S&S Firearms in New York for $6.00.
  Bayonet Training Manual, (1918), Prepared at the School of Arms - Ft. Sill, Okla., Army War College, February 1918, 40 pages. Original.
  Brayley, Martin J. (2012), Bayonets: An Illustrated History, Chartwell Books Inc., New York, USA 256 pages. A great value, but not a substitute for Janzen. Very nicely illustrated. The 2004 edition was in paperback, however, it has just been reprinted in hardcover and is available inexpensively through the major online booksellers.
  Brett, Homer M. (2001), The Military Knife & Bayonet, World Photo Press, Tokyo, Japan, 391 pages. An interesting book, covering many unusual military knives and bayonet prototypes not found elsewhere. Unique in having the text printed in both English and Japanese.
BCN logo Carter, J. Anthony. (1969), Allied Bayonets of World War 2, Arco Publishing Company, Inc., New York, USA, 80 pages.
BCN Logo Carter, Anthony & Walter, John. (1974), The Bayonet - A History of Knife and Sword Bayonets From 1850-1970, Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York, USA, 128 pages.
BCN Logo Carter, Anthony. (1976), German Ersatz Bayonets 1: A Concise Illustrated History of the All-Metal Designs 1914-18. The Lyon Press, Brighton, East Sussex. 64 pages. Signed by the author.
BCN Logo Carter, Anthony. (1984), German Bayonets - The Models 98/02 and 98/05. Tharston Press, Parkes Lane, Tharston, Norwich, Norfolk NR15 2YJ, 124 pages. Signed by the author.
BCN Logo Carter, Anthony. (1996), World Bayonets 1800 to the Present: An Illustrated Reference Guide for Collectors. [With Price Guide for 1996-97.] Arms & Armour Press, Cassell Group., London. 34 pages, plus 258 plates.
BCN Logo Carter, Anthony. (1997), Bayonet Belt Frogs, Tharston Press, Morton Hall, Morton-on-the-Hill, Norwich, Norfolk NR9 5JS, 167 pages. Signed by the author.
  A note of personal privilege regarding Anthony Carter. Anthony Carter was one of the most prolific authors of bayonet books, one of the leading bayonet experts in Britain, and a very generous contributor to the BCN until his untimely passing in 2002. All of his books are first-rate, but today, command high prices. I am fortunate to have the six volumes above in my reference library, three of which are signed. He is sorely missed by the bayonet collecting community.
BCN Logo Carter, J. Anthony and Walter, John (2015), German Sword and Knife Makers: The definitive directory of makers and marks, from 1850 to 1945, The Tharston Press, an imprint of International Military Antiques, Inc., Gillette, New Jersey, USA. 656 pages.
Well known writer, John Walter, took Anthony Carter's 2001 first volume covering maker names A-L, expanded it and completed the remainder of the alphabet. The first volume has been coveted and unobtainable for many years, so get this one while it lasts.
Cole, M.H. (2002), The Best of U.S. Military Knives Bayonets & Machetes. CJA Publications, Piqua, Ohio, USA, 334 pages.
BCN Logo Cunningham, Gary M. (1997), American Military Bayonets of the 20th Century. Scott A. Duff Publications, Export PA., USA, 117 pages.
BCN Logo Cunningham, Gary M. (2014), Bayonet Points 2014: U.S. Bayonets of the 20th Century. Privately Published, West Virginia, USA. Compilation of the author's many articles published on Frank Trzaska's website at
BCN Logo Cunningham, Gary M. (2015), U.S. Knife Bayonets & Scabbards. Scott A. Duff Publications, Export PA., USA, 186 pages. A totally new work, profusely illustrated with over 500 photographs, this reference represents a significant step forward, filling in many gaps in earlier publications and providing answers to previously unanswered questions about U.S. knife bayonets and their makers. See this interview with Gary about his book and collecting U.S. bayonets.
  Ernst, Dan (1970), Guide to Foreign & United States Bayonets & Miscellaneous Edged Weapons. Privately Published, LeClaire, Iowa, USA. First Edition. 112 pages. An early American work on bayonets, with over 240 line drawings and over 250 photographs.
BCN Logo Evans, R.D.C. & Stephens, Frederick J. (1985) The Bayonet: An Evolution and History. Militaria Pubs., Milton Keynes, Bucks. 231 pages. I had the extreme good fortune to find a used copy at the ridiculously low price of $10.95. These, generally, run $100 on the used market (for a paperback!).
BCN Logo Evans, R.D.C. (2000), A Bibliography of the Bayonet. Privately Published, West Yorkshire, England. 208 pages. Comprehensive listing of books, articles, and Web publications from the Late 1500s through 1999.
BCN Logo Evans, R.D.C. (2002), The Plug Bayonet - An Identification Guide for Collectors. Privately Published, West Yorkshire, England. 263 pages. The definitive work on plug bayonets. Signed by the author.
BCN Logo Evans, R.D.C. (2005), A Bibliography of the Bayonet: Supplement Jan. 2000 to Dec. 2004. Privately Published, West Yorkshire, England. 84 pages. Available as a free e-publication at
BCN Logo Evans, R.D.C. (2010), A Bibliography of the Bayonet: Supplement Jan. 2006 to Dec. 2009. Privately Published, West Yorkshire, England. 63 pages. Available as a free e-publication at
  Fedurin, Dmitry (2006), Dirks of the World. Atlant Press, St. Petersurg, Russia. 496 pages. Superbly illustrated, English-language reference on military/government dirks and daggers from many countries. Very comprehensive reference; organized like Janzen's Notebook, but with color photos on a par with Jim Maddox' Collecting Bayonets. While not a bayonet book per se, it covers 20th Century dress bayonets and similar daggers.
  Ffoulkes, Charles & Hopkinson, E.C. (1967), Sword, Lance, and Bayonet: A Record of the Arms of the British Army and Navy. Arco Publishing Company, Inc., New York, USA, 144 pages. Second edition of this early work first published in Britain in 1938.
  Goldstein, Erik (1997), The Bayonet in New France 1665-1760. Museum Restoration Service, Alexandria Bay, New York, USA.36 pages. The only work dedicated to bayonets used by France in what later became Canada and the USA. The author is Curator of Mechanical Arts and Numismatics (i.e., weapons and coins) at the Colonial Williamsburg Museum in Williamsburg, VA, and is a leading expert on early socket bayonets.
  Goldstein, Erik (2000), The Socket Bayonet in the British Army 1687-1783. Andrew Mowbray Publishers, Lincoln, Rhode Island, USA. 134 pages. An excellent book, outlining the introduction of the socket bayonet in the British Army.
  Hardin Jr., Albert Nolan (1964), The American Bayonet 1776–1964. Privately published, Pennsauken, New Jersey, USA, 234 pages. Although 50 years have passed since its publication, it remains the definitive work on American bayonets.
  Hull, Edward A. (1979), Providence Tool Co. Military Arms. Privately published, Milton, Florida, USA, 79 pages. The only comprehensive work on the rifles and bayonets produced by Providence Tool Co.
  Ivie, Martin D. (2002), Kalashnikov Bayonets - The Collector’s Guide to Bayonets for the AK and it’s Variations. Diamond Eye Publications, Allen, Texas. 220 pages. THE Bible of AK-47 bayonets. First edition, signed by the author.
  Janzen, Jerry L. (1987), Bayonets From Janzen's Notebook. [2nd Ed.], Cedar Ridge Publications, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA. 258 pages. While it was in print, this was THE book to buy first, especially if you can only have one. This is to bayonets what Small Arms of the World is to military firearms. My grandfather established the first Chevrolet dealership in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.
  Janzen, Jerry L. (1993), Bayonets of the Remington Cartridge Period. Cedar Ridge Publications, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA. 186 pages. Signed by the author.
  Kiesling, Paul, (2009), Bayonets of the World - The Complete Edition. S.I. Publicaties BV, Oosterbeek, Netherlands. 670 pages. A hardcover reprint of the 4-volume work originally published in the 1970s. Although there are some errors that subsequent references have corrected, not unexpected in such an early and comprehensive work, there are many bayonets described that simply do not appear in other references. This edition has the bayonets listed by country, instead of the original's listing by-length. For those purists who want a by-length listing, there is an index listing the contents in length order. My copy was purchased from the publisher. All I can say is, buy this book. You won't be sorry.
  Kulinsky, A.N., (2001), Russian Edged Weapons, Polearms, and Bayonets 18th–20th Century, Volume I. Atlant, St. Petersburg, Russia. 383 pages. Text mostly in Russian, with some English transaltions. Volume I covers swords, shaskas, dirks/hangers, knives, lances and staff weapons, plus decorative and award pieces.
  Kulinsky, A.N., (2001), Russian Edged Weapons, Polearms, and Bayonets 18th–20th Century, Volume II. Atlant, St. Petersburg, Russia. 275 pages. Text mostly in Russian, with some English transaltions. Volume II covers bayonets, proofmarks, maker marks, and military markings.
BCN Logo LaBar, Raymond L. (2007), Bayonets of Japan - A Comprehensive Reference on Japanese Bayonets. RAYMAR Inc., Tunnel Hill, Georgia, USA. 472 pages. The most comprehensive work ever produced on Japanese bayonets. Everybody knows how pricey and sought after Larry Johnson’s book on Japanese bayonets became after going out of print. Get this one while you can, by visiting Signed by the author.
BCN Logo Maddox, J. A. (2005), Collecting Bayonets. Privately Published, Savannah, Georgia, USA. 528 pages. A limited-edition of 1,000 signed copies has been sold out. Simply, the most beautifully illustrated bayonet book ever. Nothing else even comes close.
  McClelland, George B. (1852), Bayonet Exercises for the Army. J.B. Lippincott, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, 110 pages. Translated in 1852, from French, by (then) Capt. McClellan, this example was printed in 1862 and was used during the Civil War. Inscribed to F.J. Babcock, Capt. 41st USCT (US Colored Troops), City Point, Virginia.
BCN Logo Méry, Christian (2012), German Combat Knives 1914–1945. Militaria Guides, Histoire & Collections, Paris, France, 81 pages. Beautifully illustrated reference dedicated to private-purchase and regulation combat knives and combat knife-bayonets.
  Military Knives - A Reference Book From the Pages of Knife World Magazine (2001). Knife World Publications, Knoxville, Tennesee, USA. 255 pages. While not a bayonet book per se, this book covers fighting knives made from bayonets, as well as the M3 knife that led to the M4–M7 series of bayonets.
  Neumann, George C. (1973), Swords & Blades of the American Revolution. Promintory Press, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA, 288 pages.
  Noe, David and Serbaroli, Joseph Jr. (2013), European Bayonets of the American Civil War. Andrew Mowbray Publishers, Woonsocket, Rhode Island, USA, 215 pp. Well researched book on this little-studied area of Civil War bayonets.
BCN Logo Noll, Jeff. (1998), The Imperial German Regimental Marking [Revised Edition]. Noll Publishing, Ventura, California, USA, 198 pages. Available directly from Noll Publishing. Signed by the Author. THE reference for deciphering German Army unit markings from the 1871-1918 period.
BCN Logo Noll, Jeff (2014), A Pistol Observation Addendum to The Imperial German Regimental Marking [Revised Edition]. Noll Publishing, Ventura, California, USA, 75 pages. Available directly from Noll Publishing Very worthwhile, even if you don't have the earlier volume.
BCN Logo Ottobre, Dennis D. (2002), Observations on Turkish Bayonets. Privately Published, Newcommerstown, Ohio, USA. Available directly from the author at The first, and only serious study, to date, of Turkish bayonets. Many, many newly identified bayonet variations appear for the first time ever in this publication. Photos of my Turkish M1874 Peabody dress sabre were added to this book in July 2006. The author released a major update in July 2013.
BCN Logo Ottobre, Dennis D. (2006), Bayonets of Afghanistan. Privately Published, Newcommerstown, Ohio, USA. Available directly from the author at The first documentation published on bayonets encountered during the war in Afghanistan. Very comprehensive. Includes British and other foreign bayonets, as well as Afghan-produced variants.
  A note regarding Observations on Turkish Bayonets and Bayonets of Afghanistan. This is a very innovative book format, published only on CD-ROM. This format allows for frequent updates and, since each CD is generated when purchased, the buyer always gets the very latest version. Each CD is signed and dated. These would likely have cost upwards of $50 per copy if published in hardcover format. As a CD they are less than $20, a whopping value!
  Preuss, Johannes (2002), Zahlencode System Des Herres Von 1925 Bis 1940 (Number Code System of the Armies From 1925-1940). Journal-Verlag Schwend GmbH, Schwabisch Hall, Germany, 181 pages. Dr. Preuss discovered the long lost holy grail, identifying the makers represented by the number codes used in Germany, between the wars, to disguise the identity of arms makers. This is the only published volume detailing his findings. Text is in German.
BCN Logo Priest, Graham. (1986), The Brown Bess Bayonet. Tharston Press, Parkes Lane, Tharston, Norwich, Norfolk NR15 2YJ, 159 pages. The Bible of the Brown Bess bayonet.
BCN Logo Priest, Graham (2003), The Spirit of the Pike—British Socket Bayonets of the Twentieth Century. Uppem Publications, 2 Little Challows, Biddelstone, Chippenham, Wilshire, England. 352 pages. The most detailed and authoritative book available on the No. 4 spike bayonet and it’s cousins. Contains photos of my one-of-a-kind No. 4 Mk. I brass-throated scabbard. Signed by the author.
BCN Logo Priest, Graham (2008), The Bayonets of the Grand Master's Palace in Malta. Uppem Publications, 2 Little Challows, Biddelstone, Chippenham, Wilshire, England. 92 pages. A detailed survey of socket and plug bayonets housed in the Grand Master's Palace Armoury in Valetta, Malta. Documents many 17th and early 18th century bayonet types not seen elsewhere. A limited edition of only 150 copies printed. Signed by the author.
BCN Logo Priest, Graham (2016), Socket Bayonets—A History and Collector's Guide. Amberely Publishing, The Hill, Stroud Gloucestershire, England. 95 pages. A compact primer on socket bayonets that utilizes an innovative format to allow for many illustrations in a small format book. Available very reasonably from major online book sellers.
  Reilly, Robert M. (1990), American Socket Bayonets and Scabbards: A Comprehensive Illustrated History of Socket Bayonets, Scabbards and Frogs in America from the Colonial through to the Post-Civil War Period. Andrew Mowbray Inc., Lincoln, RI, USA. 209 pages. The Bible of American socket bayonets. In 2014, the publisher put this book is back in print after many years of unavailability.
The late Robert Reilly was founder of the Society of American Bayonet Collectors, the largest bayonet collecting organization in the U.S. 
  Stepherns, Frederick J. (1971), The Collector's Pictorial Book of Bayonets. Stackpole Books, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA, 127 pages.
  Shuey, Robert W. (1999), Socket Bayonets of the Great Powers - A Collector’s Guide. Excalibur Publications, Tuscon, AZ, USA. 96 pages.
BCN Logo Silvey, M. W., Boyd, Gary D., and Trzaska, Frank. (2006), U.S. Military Knives, Bayonets and Machetes Price Guide - Fifth Edition. Knife World Publications, Knoxville, TN, USA. 72 pages. This book can be ordered at Frank Trzaska’s Web site at
  Skennerton, Ian D. & Richardson, Robert. (1986), British and Commonwealth Bayonets. Privately Published, I.D. Skennerton, Margate, Queensland, Australia. [2nd. Ed. - 1st. Ed 1984.] 404 pages. The Bible of British bayonets.
  Skennerton, Ian D. (2001), The Broad Arrow—British and Empire Factory Production, Proof, Inspection, Armourers, Unit & Issue Markings. Privately Published, Ian D. Skennerton, Labrador, Australia. 140 pages. The Bible on British bayonet and rifle markings.
  TM 9-1005, Organizational, DS, GS. and Depot Maintenance Repair Parts Lists for Bayonet-Knife M4, M5, M5A1, M6, and M7, With Bayonet-Knife Scabbard M8A1 (1967), Headquarters, Department of the Army, 12 pages. Original.
BCN Logo Trzaska, Frank. (1997), Bayonets, Knives & Scabbards - United States Army Edged Weapons Report 1917 Thru 1945. Privately Published, USA. 69 pages. A detailed report of bayonet and scabbard production during World War II. This can be ordered at Frank Trzaska’s Web site at
  Tupes, Herschel, Captain 1st U.S. Infantry & Poole, Sylvetser, Sergeant Co. D 1st U.S. Infantry (1906), Manual of Bayonet Exercises and Musketry Fencing. John Wiley & Sons, New York. First Edition, First Thousand, 111 pages. Original.
  Waldron, William H. Lt. Col. 29th US Infantry (1917), Elements of Trench Warfare - Bayonet Training. Edwin N. Appleton, 1 Broadway, New York City. 225 pages. Original.
BCN Logo Walker, Gary L. & Weinand, R. J. (1985), German Clamshells And Other Bayonets. Privately Published, Quincy, IL, USA 158 pages. Hardcover. Signed by both authors. Numbered first edition, no. 194 of 2000 copies. A well-illustrated reference on dress bayonets of the Nazi period. Still available from author Ron Weinand at Weinand Militaria.
  Walter, John & Hughes, Gordon (1969), A Primer of World Bayonets - Part One. Privately Published, 121 Preston Drove, Brighton, England. Unpaginated.
  Walter, John & Hughes, Gordon (1969), A Primer of World Bayonets - Part Two.  Privately Published, 121 Preston Drove, Brighton, England.  Unpaginated.
  Walter, John. (1973), The Sword and Bayonet Makers of Imperial Germany 1871-1918. The Lyon Press, Brighton, Sussex. Unpaginated.
  Walter, John (1976), The German Bayonet - A Comprehensive Illustrated History of the Regulation Patterns 1871-1945. Arms and Armour Press, London, 128 pages.
  Walter, John. (1996), German Military Letter Codes: The Manufacturers’ Marks of the Third Reich, 1939-1945. Small Arms Research Publications, Hove, England, 128 pages. While not a bayonet book per se, this comprehensive reference of German letter codes identifies all of the known German bayonet makers.
  Webster Jr., Donald B. (1964), American Socket Bayonets 1717-1873. Museum Restoration Service, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 47 pages.
BCN Logo Welser, Mike. (1985), Reichswehr and Wehrmacht Bayonets 1920-1945. Privately Published, Escondido, California, USA. 33 pages. This is a great pocket guide to post-WW I German bayonets. Its small, soft-cover format make it ideal for your hip-pocket at gun shows. All copies are signed and numbered. Available directly from the author at
BCN Logo Wheeler, George T. (1999), Seitengewehr: History of the German Bayonet 1919-1945. R. James Bender Publishing, P.O. Box 23456, San Jose, CA 95153, with photographs, price guide, 328 pages. Signed by the author.
Wilkinson-Latham, Robert J. (1967), British Military Bayonets from 1700 to 1945, Hutchinson & Co. Ltd., 178-208 Great Portland Street, London, England, 94 pages.
  Wilkinson-Latham, Robert J. (1973), Pictorial History of Swords & Bayonets, Ian Allen Ltd., London, England, 224 pages.
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