.303 Lee-Enfield Rifles Site dedicated to shooting and maintaining the .303 British caliber Lee-Enfield rifles.
7.62 x 54r Mosin-Nagant Rifles Comprehensive site dedicated to Mosin-Nagant rifles from around the world. Excellent reference on 7.62 x 54R ammunition identification not found elsewhere on the web.
Antique and Collectable Firearms and Militaria Headquarters Collectable Firearms, Bayonets, and Militaria John Spangler’s site with lots of stuff for sale, a Q & A page where you can search for answers or submit your questions, and links to many good research sites.  John also has an excellent research site of his own, called Arms
Arms2Armor Collectable Rifles, Bayonets, Swords, etc. Militaria dealer with a nice reference page to help in identifying old rifles and bayonets.
Australian Military Knives Military Knives of Australian Manufacture Extensive site dedicated to telling the story of Australian military knives and the firms that produced them.
Banzai Japanese Militaria Home page for Banzai, a monthly newsletter on Japanese militaria.  The site has a considerable amount of reference material publicly available. Banzai has been in publication since 1982 and is a must for the collector focused on Japanese militaria.  If you have a Japanese military rifle, please consider submitting a data sheet to help further their research projects on Japanese rifles.
Bajonety CZ Bayonets Well-illustrated site with info on AK Bayonets, Mannlicher M1895 Bayonets, Bayonets of Nepal, and British Bayonets (in Czechoslovakian language)
The Bayonet Connection Bayonets Shawn Gibson’s bayonet sale site.  Shawn is a leading collector/dealer specializing in rare bayonets from around the world.
The Bayonet Trader Bayonets Ron Riede’s bayonet sales site.  Ron also offers a bayonet research/reference database by subscription.
Carbines for Collectors Bolt-Action Military Carbines Reference page on bolt-action military carbines. Lots of pictures.
Carcano Homepage Mannlicher-Carcano M1891 Rifles and Bayonets Back on the Web after a long absence, the venerable Carcano Homepage is a bit dated, but remains the best English-language Carcano reference on the Internet.
Dennis D. Ottobre’s Militaria Site Bayonets & Militaria Otto is a full-time bayonet and militaria dealer and author of the groundbreaking books, Observations on Turkish Bayonets and Bayonets of Afghanistan.
Collecting Dutch Bayonets Dutch Bayonets Erwin Muetstege's site dedicated to collecting Dutch bayonets. Info on Dutch bayonets has been scarce on the Web until this site was launched.
Gunboards Military Rifles, Pistols and Bayonets The largest firearms forum on the web, with over 3 million posts. If you can’t find the info here, it probably doesn’t exist.
House of Karlina Swedish Mauser M1894 & M1896 Rifles THE web reference on Swedish Mauser rifles.
The Johnson Rifle Site The Johnson M1941 Rifle and Bayonet Site dedicated to the Johnson rifle. Excellent page on the Johnson bayonet, with a detailed article on identifying repros.
Karkee Web British Web Frogs 20th Century British and commonwealth web equipment.
Kongsberg Weapons Historical Society Norwegian military small-arms & blades Excellent site on Norwegian small arms and edged weapons founded by employees of the Kongsberg Weapons Factory. Google Translate does a great job converting to English.
Frank Trzaska's U. S. Military Knives U.S. military knives and bayonets This leading author’s web page is loaded with research material on U.S. military knives and bayonets. He also has a for sale section.
Manowar’s Hungarian Weapons Hungarian Small Arms 1854-present An excellent reference on all manner of Hungarian small arms.
The Martini-Henry Society Martini-Henry Rifles and Bayonets Site dedicated to the Martin-Henry rifle.
The Model 1888 Commission Rifle Model 1888 Commission Rifle This excellent site, dedicated to the Model 1888 Commission Rifle was gone for a while, was back, then gone again, so this link is to the archived site on the Wayback Machine. Mosin-Nagant Rifles, the SVT Rifles, and Bayonets Reference site on Mosin-Nagant rifles formerly affiliated with This excellent site, dedicated to the Mosin-Nagant Rifle is offline, so this link is to the archived site on the Wayback Machine.
Old Military Markings Rifle and Bayonet Markings Bryan Brown's excellent compendium of markings, including: German codes, Japanese rifle and bayonet markings, British and Commonwealth bayonet markings, and Schmidt-Rubin rifle and bayonet information.
Old-Smithy Bayonets Carl Ziegler's excellent bayonet reference site. Sadly, Carl passed away in 2020, however, his site remains online.
Per Holmback’s Bayonets of Scandinavia Bayonets of Scandinavia THE site for research on Scandinavian bayonets.  Also has a for sale section.
Reproduction Bayonet Frogs Bayonet Belt Frogs An excellent reference and source of faithful reproductions of otherwise unobtainable belt frogs.
Rifle Sling Home Page Military Rifle Slings An excellent reference site on military rifle slings from around the world.
Rifle Slings of the World Military Rifle Slings Another excellent reference for identifying military rifle slings. Part of the Carbines for Collectors site listed above.
Roll of Honour British Regimental History Site dedicated to honoring those who died in British service. Lots of historical info regarding British Army Regiments.
Russian Mosin Nagant Mosin-Nagant Rifles Reference site and forums dedicated to study of the Mosin-Nagant Rifle.
Society of American Bayonet Collectors U. S. Bayonets The organization publishes a quarterly journal and holds an annual meeting for members. I highly recommend membership in this organization to all serious bayonet collectors.
Spanish Mauser Page M1893 and M1916 Spanish Mauser Rifles Site dedicated to identification of the early Spanish Mausers.
S & S Firearms Antique Rifle Parts and Accouterments Business specializing in parts and accouterments for the Civil War reenactors.  Lots of original stuff and some reproduction pieces too.  Very up-front about which is which. I’ve bought lots of small items from them over the years. Wouldn’t be without their catalog on my bookshelf as a reference. Military Rifles, Pistols and Bayonets The forums.
Swiss Rifles Swiss Rifles and Bayonets Comprehensive reference on Swiss rifles and bayonets, from the Vetterli to the Sturmgewehr.  Has an excellent forum dedicated to Swiss rifles.
Swisswaffen Swiss Rifles and Bayonets Excellent Swiss reference database on Swiss rifles and bayonets. In several languages, including English. Shooting Surplus Military Firearms This site includes most of the guides and some of the articles on shooting surplus military firearms from the former website.
Turkish Mauser Page Turkish Mauser Rifles Reference site on Mausers of Turkey and The Ottoman Empire
The U.S. Carbines U.S. M1 Carbine M1 Carbine reference site, focusing on use of the M1 Carbine during the Post-WW II American Occupation of Germany and Austria.
U.S. Springfield Trapdoor Rifle Information Center Trapdoor Springfield Rifles Noted author/researcher Al Frasca's website. THE site for information on Trapdoor Springfield rifles and carbines.
Vi Shooter’s M1903 Page U.S. Rifle M1903 Very detailed research material on the U.S. Model 1903 rifles. The best M1903 resource on the Web.
Wikipedia Bayonet Wikipedia encyclopedia bayonet page.
www.Il91.It Mannlicher-Carcano M1891 Rifles and Bayonets The premier Web reference site on M1891 Mannlicher-Carcano rifles and carbines. Very comprehensive and well-designed. Web reference available free in Italian language. However, the content is also now available in an English language hardcover book.
Ye Connecticut Gun Guild Library WW I & WW II Mauser Rifles Journal articles detailing First and Second World War Mauser rifles.
SKS—Rifle of Many Nations The SKS Rifle Reference site on SKS rifles used around the world.
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