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M1939 Knife bayonet used with the 7.62 mm. M1939 Mosin-Nagant rifle. This bayonet will also mount to the M1927, M1928, and M1928/30 rifles.

The M1939 was an early attempt to produce a dual-purpose bayonet-knife.  As a result, both the bayonet and the green leather scabbard, bear a strong resemblance to a common utility knife.  The Arctic Birch grip is one-piece, wrapping around the lower tang, as was done on the early German M1898 bayonets.

10,000 bayonets were produced in 1941–1942 by Oy Veljekset Kulmala Ab (Kulmala Brothers Co.) for the Civil Guard (Suojeluskuntain Yliesikunta or Sk.Y).  Most of these bayonets were destroyed for scrap, making surviving examples scarce today.

Veljekset Kulmala was established in 1927 and is still in business today. They manufacture and import equipment and ladders for rescue and fire fighting. Their current product line includes equipment for both professionals and household use.

The M1939 bayonet has been reproduced in quantity for sale to U.S. collectors.  Some (not all) reproductions are blued or are marked with a year of production (e.g., 1999) to avoid their being passed off as originals. The maker mark is very hard to reproduce and poorer fakes may have the four periods omitted or have the first and last letters overhang the blade.

7.125 181 11.50 292 .645 16.4 Ricasso (left):  “O.Y. Veljekset Kulmala A.B.”

Ricasso (right): “Sk.Y”

Crosspiece:  “S” (Civil Guard acceptance mark)

Scabbard:  “Sk.Y”
Knife bayonet for use with the 5.56 mm. and 7.62 mm. Rynnäkkökivääri (assault rifle) 62, 71, & 76 series produced by Valmet.  The Rk62, Rk71, & Rk76 are all variants of the Kalashnikov AK47.

This example was produced by the world-famous Fiskars Corporation (the orange-handled scissors people).

The bayonet and scabbard are patterned on the Czech VZ–58 bayonet. It also resembles a traditional Finnish Puukko knife and bears a resemblance to an American sportsmen's fishing knife. Unlike most bayonets, the parkerized clip-point blade is factory-sharpened. The press stud is located in the middle of the grey-green molded plastic grip. The riveted green scabbard is stiff pebble-grained leather.

The Valmet rifles are generally accepted to be the most sophisticated refinement of the AK47 design, manufactured with a level of fit and finish comparable to the best western arms. Having fired the Rk71 myself, I can attest that these rifles truly are the Rolls-Royce of AK47s.

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Right Grip:  "Fiskars"
AK47 Knife bayonet for use with the 7.62 mm. Kalashnikov AK47 assault rifle.

This bayonet was made in Russia at the Ishevsk Arsenal. The bayonet was subsequently provided to Finland for use by the Finnish Army.

I obtained this example from Finland, where it had been reworked and placed in storage. The Finns replaced the grip scales and belt hanger; and eliminated the scabbard's drain hole. The bayonet and scabbard were still packed in cosmoline when I received them.

The above scabbard length does not include the integral web belt hanger with a leather hilt strap. The olive green web belt hanger measures 4.125 in. (105 mm.) long by 0.75 in. (19 mm.) wide.

The reason for the unusual grip and second partial muzzle ring was that the bayonet was an afterthought, the AK47 not being initially designed to accept a bayonet.

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7.875 200 12.25 311 .695 17.7 Crosspiece: Arrow inside Triangle.

Tang (upper): Diamond inspection mark.

Pommel: "6243"

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