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Thumbnail image of North Korean Type 68 (AKM) bayonetThumbnail image of North Korean Type 68 (AKM) bayonetThumbnail image of North Korean Type 68 (AKM) bayonetThumbnail image of North Korean Type 68 (AKM) bayonetThumbnail image of North Korean Type 68 (AKM) bayonet
Type 68 (AKM)
Knife bayonet for use with the 7.62 mm. North Korean Type 68 rifle, a variant of the Kalashnikov AKM assault rifle.

The North Korean AKM bayonet departs from the typical AKM bayonet patterns used by most countries. It is a hybrid of sorts, retaining many of the features of the AK47 bayonet, with a different pommel to allow mounting to the AKM.

The fullered clip-point blade is also a hybrid of the AK47 and AKM designs. Tortoise shell plastic grip scales.   Steel scabbard with green web belt hanger and leather hilt strap.

The web belt hanger measures 4.25 in. (108 mm.) long x 0.875 in. (22 mm.) wide. North Korean pattern AKM bayonets used by Cuba had scabbards with tan webbing, instead of green.

This example has seen use and, when I acquired it, still had bits of vegetation caught in the web belt hanger. It likely was taken during the 1980s, in Grenada or Panama, when the U.S. invasions took place. Mint condition examples were imported more recently, likely from China.

Furnished by Cuba, these bayonets were used by Panamanian paramilitary “Dignity Battalions,” formed in 1988 to put down demonstrations against the Noriega government and to resist the expected U.S. invasion (which came in December 1989). The Dignity Battalions earned the lasting nickname, “dingbats,” when U.S. invasion commander, General Maxwell Thurman, was quoted in the Christmas Day edition of the New York Times, saying that Panamanian strongman Manuel Noriega was holed-up in the Vatican Mission, which he (Thurman) had surrounded with a “goodly number” of U.S. troops because, “I don't want the dingbats blowing their way through the embassy.”

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