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Thumbnail image of Ingram M6 rod bayonet used by PeruThumbnail image of Ingram M6 rod bayonet used by PeruThumbnail image of Ingram M6 rod bayonet used by Peru Ingram M6 Military Model Rod bayonet for use with the .45 caliber (11.4 mm.) Ingram M6 Military Model submachine gun.

A simple rod bayonet that inserts into the nose cap of the M6 Military Model.

The Military Model had a horizontal forward grip resembling the Thompson M1. There were two other versions of the M6, the Police Model and the Semi-Auto Carbine, both of which had a vertical fore grip resembling the early Thompson and did not accept a bayonet.

Designed by Gordon Ingram, the M6 was first manufactured by the Police Ordnance Company in Los Angeles, California. The only major contract for the Military Model was with Peru. Peru procured 10,000 of the M6 Military Model: 2,000 were U.S.-made, in 1951, and, beginning in 1952, another 8,000 were produced under license at Fabrica Armas, Los Andes, Peru. Smaller quantities were also procured by the Cuban Navy and the Constabulary in Puerto Rico.

Police Ordnance Co. closed in 1952, which enabled Ingram to spend about a year working in Peru supervising establishment of their M6 production. Ingram returned to the U.S., going on to design the legendary M10.

8.4375 214 9.00 229 n/a None.
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