Rifles and Their Bayonets - Quick Reference Tables

Foreign Military Rifles and Their Bayonets—Quick Reference Table

U.S. Military Rifles and Their Bayonets—Quick Reference Table

Bayonet Makers/Markings

Arabic & Persian Numerals

British No. 4 Spike Bayonet Manufacturers Chart

Devanagari (Nepalese) Numerals

German SG. 84/98 III Bayonet Makers and Markings 1934-1945

German Sutterlin Font

Imperial French Bayonet Maker Markings

Imperial German Bayonet Makers 1871-1918

Imperial German Bayonet Maker Markings 1871-1918

Imperial German Royal Cyphers 1871-1918

Japanese Bayonet Markings

Miscellaneous Bayonet Markings

Months in 33 Languages

Numbers in 26 Languages

Siamese Numerals

U.S. Bayonet Markings


Exploded Diagrams of U.S. M-4, M-5, M-5A1, M-6, and M-7 Bayonets

Spanish Socket Bayonets (in Spanish)

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Bayonet Reference Material

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