Bayonet Type
  Firm 1871 1871/84 1898 1898/02 1898/05 1884/98 II 1914
1 Bavarian Royal Arsenal, Amberg          
2 Anker-Werke, Bielefeld            
3 J.H. Becker & Co., Solingen          
4 J.E. Bleckmann & Company, Solingen          
5 Böntgen & Sabin, Solingen            
6 Ernst Busch & Co, Solingen          
7 Cito / Cito-Cöln (Ernst Pack & Son)            
8 Clement & Jung, Solingen            
9 Alexander Coppel & Co., Solingen      
10 Joseph Corts & Son, Remscheid            
11 Coulaux & Company, Klingenthal, Alsace            
12 Deutsche Maschinenfabrik A.G. (DEMAG), Duisburg          
13 L.O. Dietrich & Co., Altenburg, Thuringen          
14 Durkopp Werke A.G., Bielefeld            
15 Carl Eickhorn & Co., Solingen          
16 Eisengiesserei und Schlossfabrik AG, Velbert            
17 Prussian Royal Arsenal, Erfurt, Thuringen  
18 Fernando Esser & Co., Elberfeld            
19 Fichtel & Sachs A.G., Schweinfurt            
20 Frister & Rossman, Berlin            
21 Carl Galle, Solingen            
22 C.G. Haenel Waffen und Fahrradfabrik A.G., Suhl      
23 Gottlieb Hammesfahr & Co., Solingen-Foche          
24 Gebrüder Hartkopf, Solingen          
25 Gebrüder Heller, Marienthal            
26 J.A. Henckels A.G. Zwillingswerk, Solingen          
27 Friedrich Herder & Son, Solingen          
28 Richard Abr. Herder, Solingen          
29 Emil Hermes-Ern, Solingen            
30 F.W. Holler & Co., Solingen            
31 E. und F. Horster & Co., Solingen    
32 Jetter & Scheerer, Aesculap-Werke, Tuttlingen            
33 Carl Kaiser & Co., Solingen            
34 Heinrich Kauffman & Son K.G. Indiawerk, Solingen            
35 W.R. Kirschbaum & Company, Solingen            
36 E. Knecht & Co., Solingen            
37 F. Koeller & Co., Solingen-Ohligs          
38 P.D. Luneschloss & Co., Solingen      
39 Waffenfabrik Mauser A.G., Oberndorf Am. Neckar          
40 Johann Melich AG, Berlin            
41 Move-Werke (see Walter & Co.)          
42 H. Mundlos & Co., Magdeburg          
43 M.N. Neumann & Company, Berlin            
44 Pack, Ohlinger & Co., Solingen            
45 Henri Peiper & Co., Herstal-lez-Liege, Belgium          
46 Rheinsche Metalwarren und Maschinefabrik, Sömmerda          
47 Samson Werke, Suhl            
48 V. C. Schilling & Co., Suhl      
49 Schulte & Co., Gevelsburg            
50 Ferdinand Schleuterman & Co., Remscheid-Hasten            
51 Schubert und Salzer Maschinenfabrik, Chemnitz            
52 Ernst Siepmann, Solingen            
53 Gebrüder Simson, Suhl            
54 Simson & Co., Suhl      
55 Richard Stock & Co., Berlin-Marienfelde            
56 Walter & Co. Move-Werke, Muhlhausen in Thuringen          
57 Gebrüder Weyersberg, Solingen            
58 Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Co., Solingen      
59 Weyersberg & Stamm, Solingen            
60 Ernst Wilhelm & Co., Suhl            
61 Anton Wingen der Jüngere            
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The following table lists the documented makers of the most common Imperial German bayonet types, identifying the types each maker is known to have produced.  This list is not exhaustive, but is intended as a quick reference that covers the types most commonly encountered by today’s collectors. Bayonets were sometimes marked by blade makers, manufacturers (the firm assembling the blade and other components), and/or the retailer selling the completed product. So, the marks aren't always “maker's” marks, although this is an accepted term when referring to them. As a result, some bayonets will also bear more than one firm's markings. The line numbers to the left of each entry, correspond to the illustrations of the various makers’ markings found at the second link below.

Printer-Friendly Version of the Imperial German Blade Makers’ Table

Printer-Friendly Version of the Imperial German Blade Makers’ Markings

Printer-Friendly Version of the Imperial German Royal Cyphers Table

German Bayonet Makers 1871–1918

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