My Articles

Unusual, Unfinished, And Undocumented U.S. Fencing Bayonet, Journal of The Society of American Bayonet Collectors, Volume 102, Winter 2017.

Promise Meets Hard Luck:  The KCB–70 Bayonet; the Eickhorn Brand’s Evolution and Participation in U.S. Bayonet Trials; and the Elusive Pursuit of Commercial Success, Journal of The Society of American Bayonet Collectors, Volume 97, Fall 2016.

M8A1 Scabbards Produced at the Pennsylvania Working Home for the Blind: Journal of The Society of American Bayonet Collectors, Volume 91, Spring 2015. (This layout differs slightly in format from the bound edition.)

The Alpha and the Omega—A Study of Two Japanese Type 99 Short Rifles: Published January 20, 2012 on Surplus Rifle Forum Wiki and Knowledgebase

The Portuguese AR-10 Bayonet: A presentation I authored in September 2008 for a Web development class I was taking

On Point - The German SG. 84/98 III Bayonet for the Kar 98k Rifle: published October 18, 2006, by

On Point - Bayonets for the Short, Magazine, Lee-Enfield Rifles: published August 7, 2006, by

Made By Who? Bayonets From Unlikely Sources: published May 29, 2006, by

Why Collect Bayonets? Part II: published April 24, 2006, by

Why Collect Bayonets?  Part I: published March 23, 2006, by
Other Articles

24 Tipos de Cubo en Bayonetas Encontradas en España (24 Types of Socket Bayonets Found in Spain) by Juan L. Calvó: Article (in Spanish) documenting Spanish socket bayonets from 1715 trough the Remington rolling block.

Bayonets for the Heckler & Koch Assault Rifles by R.D.C. Evans: A great article covering the many bayonet variants used with the G3 assault rifle.

Discovering Yugoslavian M95M Rifles and Bayonets by Dennis Ottobre: Well researched article on a little-known variant of the Austrian M1895 rifle and bayonet.

Turkish Conversion Bayonets to fit US M1 Garand Rifle by Dennis Ottobre: Article on the Mauser bayonets that Turkey converted for use on the U.S. M1 Garand rifle during the Korean War era.

The Norwegian Model 1894 Short Knife Bayonet modified c.1956 to fit the U.S. M1 Carbine by R.D.C. Evans: Article in which my U.S. M1 Carbine and Norwegian M/1956 SLK bayonet are featured.


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