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No. 9 Mk I Socket bayonet for use with the .303 caliber Lee-Enfield No. 4 rifle.

This bayonet was made in 1951 at Metal Industries Ltd. in Lahore, prior to establishment of the Pakistan Ordnance Factory in Wah. M.I.L. produced No. I Mk. II and Mk. III bayonets during the Second World War, when Lahore was still under Indian jurisdiction.

The blade profile is more rounded and the edge more crude than the British or P.O.F. No. 9 bayonets. Only a handful of these have surfaced, so production must have been very low.

No. 9 Bayonets Page

8.00 203 10.125 257 .600 15.2 Socket (left): "D P" and "2?" (possibly a viewer's mark) and "MIM" logo

Socket (right): "No 9. M.K.l" over "M.I. LTD" over "1951"

No. 9 Mk. I
This example was made in 1957 by Pakistan Ordinance Factory, Wah Cantonment, Pakistan.

Unlike the M.I.L. example above, the P.O.F. No. 9 is identical to the British-made No. 9 Mk. I. Nicely finished No. 5 scabbard with thick brass throat.

No. 9 Bayonets Page

Socket:  "No. 9 MK. I" over "P.O.F. 57", Broad Arrow acceptance mark, and "2000"
G3 Knife bayonet for use on the 7.62 mm. NATO caliber German G3 assault rifle.

The Pakistan G3 bayonet differs from the German G3 bayonet in having an inverted, fullered clip-point blade patterned after the British No. 5 Mk. I. It has the 12–groove black plastic grip. The press catch is at the 9 O'clock position. It has the broad plain crosspiece.

In the U.S.A., these are rarely found with scabbards. The Pakistan G3 scabbard is a shorter, crude copy of the British No. 5.

Pakistan began producing G3A4 rifles under license in 1967 at the Pakistan Ordnance Factory in Wah Cantonment. This example was made there in 1969.

In 2009, British bayonet historian R.D.C. Evans published an excellent and comprehensive article on G3 bayonets that is available for download at no cost.

G3 and CETME Bayonets Page

6.625 168 12.00 305 .870 22.1 Ricasso (right): "P.O.F." over "69"

Fuller: Broad Arrow acceptance mark

Crosspiece:"621" overstamped with "164"
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