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Knife bayonet for use on the 7.62 mm. NATO caliber Armalite AR–10 selective-fire rifles produced for Sudan in 1958, by the firm Artillerie Inrichtingen (Artillery Institutions) in the Netherlands.

This bayonet is patterned after the innovative German FG 42 knife bayonet produced during the Second World War.  The hollow hilt contains a tool set.  The grip scales and scabbard body are a deep red-brown color.  The scabbard has an integral stamped steel belt hanger.

The Sudanese AR–10 was the first AR–10 variant to mount a bayonet. The Sudanese-type bayonet was made in Germany, most likely by the firm of Carl Eickhorn (designer & producer of the FG 42 knife bayonet).  The bayonets were sold to Sudan and other users by the U.S. arms import/export firm Interarmco (later, Interarms).

Later AR–10 rifles produced by Artillerie Inrichtingen for Portugal used a different bayonet, produced by Artillerie Inrichtingen.

New research indicates that Sudan received 2,508 AR–10 rifles from Artillerie Inrichtingen. These were the first AR–10 rifles to mount a bayonet. Other AR–10 rifle production mounting the Sudanese-type bayonet included: Guatemala (450 rifles), Burma (est. <500 rifles), Indonesia (est. 500–1,000 rifles in a secret deal), and some portion of the 240 Dutch Army Trials rifles. The likely total production of this type bayonet was approximately 3,700–4,500 units.

Sudan used the AR–10 rifle from 1958–1985. They saw service against guerrilla forces and in border conflicts. "Lost" or captured examples served with African and colonial armies, police, and guerrilla forces.

This example has seen considerable service, although the blade still has its factory edge and the leather washer that prevents rattling in the scabbard. Low production numbers and long service in desert and tropical environments have made surviving specimens of this bayonet scarce. 

7.875 200
Ricasso (left): Interarms trademark and "Interarmco" over "Reg. Pat. Germany"

Ricasso (right): "2799"

Pommel (upper): "2" and "8"

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Bayonets of Sudan

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