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VZ-23 Long
Sword bayonet that accompanied Czech-manufactured Persian-contract 8 mm. Mauser M1898/29 rifles in the early 1930s.  These were some of the finest Mauser military rifles ever produced.

Unlike bayonets made for the Czech Army and other Eastern European countries, this example has a conventional blade profile.

The scabbard has a French-style frog loop, rather than a conventional frog stud. A tiny Circle–Z export mark is visible on the scabbard body (see last image at left).

Pommel:  "9926 ?" in Farsi (? is a Farsi character. I just don't know what it means).

Scabbard: Circle-Z.

Thumbnail image of Iran G3 bayonetThumbnail image of Iran G3 bayonetThumbnail image of Iran G3 bayonet G3 Knife bayonet for use on the 7.62 mm. NATO caliber G3 selective-fire rifle.

The Iran G3 bayonet differs from the German G3 bayonet in having a double-edged blade that is 2.50 in. (64 mm.) longer. It has the 12–groove plastic grip, however, olive green in color. The press catch is at the 9 O'clock position. It has the broad plain crosspiece of the early German G3 bayonet.

The scabbard is crudely constructed of two halves of stamped sheet steel welded together. The throatpiece is spot-welded in place. The crudeness and construction methods suggest Iranian manufacture.

The Shah adopted the G3A6 rifle in 1971. At some point, Iran began manufacturing the G3 at the State Arms Factory in Mosalsalasi. Production continued well into the Islamic Republic period. The G3 has been supplemented by AKM variants and clones of the Chinese clone of the U.S. M16 (go figure). Iran's smorgasbord of 7.62 mm. NATO, 7.62 mm. Soviet, and 5.56 mm. NATO caliber rifles would be a logistical nightmare, should Iranian forces ever have to conduct large-scale operations.

In 2009, British bayonet historian R.D.C. Evans published an excellent and comprehensive article on G3 bayonets that is available for download at no cost.

G3 and CETME Bayonets Page

8.75 222 14.375 365 .875 22.2 None.
G3 This example has seen very hard use. It was found in Iraq after the 2003 invasion that toppled Saddam Hussien.

Quantities of Iranian G3 rifles and bayonets have been captured in Iraq, suggesting that it could have been acquired during the Iran-Iraq War of 1980–88 or more recently smuggled into Iraq for use during the post-invasion insurgency.

Given the hard use exhibited by this example, it more likely was an Iraqi souvenir from the Iran-Iraq War of 1980–88.

8.75 222 14.375 365 .875 22.2 None.
Thumbnail image of web belt frog used with Iranian G3 bayonetThumbnail image of web belt frog used with Iranian G3 bayonetThumbnail image of web belt frog used with Iranian G3 bayonet Belt Frog Web belt frog that came with the G3 bayonet, pictured second above.

Constructed of tan webbing, the hole in the frontpiece is fitted with a tan-painted metal grommet. The hilt strap is secured by a stippled, tan-painted glove fastener patterned after those used by AES in Germany.

The frog measures 6.75 in. (170 mm.) long by 2.00 in. (51 mm.) wide.

This frog was not classified by Carter.

Bayonet Belt Frogs Page

n/a n/a n/a Illegible ink stamp.
click to view large image of the AKM Type 1 bayonetclick to view large image of the AKM Type 1 bayonet hiltclick to view large image of the AKM Type 1 bayonet serial numberclick to view large image of the AKM Type 1 bayonet scabbard with marking in Farsiclick to view large image of the AKM Type 1 bayonet scabbard serial number AKM Type I Knife bayonet for use on the AKM variant of the 7.62 mm. Kalashnikov AK47 assault rifle.

This bayonet was made in Romania, as evidenced by the Romanian serial number on both bayonet and scabbard. This example was brought back from Iraq in 2009. The Farsi marking indicates that this example was supplied by (or smuggled in from) Iran.

The gentleman from whom I acquired this piece wrote that: "The Bayonet . . . I traded for while I was in Iraq back in 2009. . . . One of the drivers in a transportation unit that would come by our camp gave it to me for a Box of Quaker oatmeal in a cup and a 12 volt water heater that I rigged up in his truck. Amazing what you could trade for, for things from home."

AK Bayonets Page

5.875 149 11.00 279 .695 17.7 Crosspiece: "ZS 9403"

Scabbard: "ZU 4919" and "68" (painted in Farsi)

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