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Thumbnail image of British No. 4 Mk. II* socket bayonet attributed to Iraq or Jordan
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No. 4 Mk. II* The British No. 4 Mk. II* socket bayonet was used in Iraq during the Second World War and by the Iraqi Army after the end of British occupation in 1947.

No. 4 Mk II* bayonets are occasionally found with Arabic socket markings. These are generally attributed to either Jordan or Iraq.

No. 4 Spike Bayonets Page

8.00 203 10.00 254 .595 15.1 Socket (left): partial PSK mark

Socket (right) "VNS"

Socket (right):

"à gh" over "1 9 h"

 Thumbnail Image of Iraqi AKM Type II bayonet Thumbnail Image of Iraqi AKM Type II bayonet Thumbnail Image of Iraqi AKM Type II bayonet Thumbnail Image of Iraqi AKM Type II bayonet Thumbnail Image of Iraqi AKM Type II bayonet
Knife bayonet for use with the Kalashnikov 7.62 mm. AKM assault rifle.

A copy of the Russian 6X4 bayonet, these were made using design specifications and production equipment purchased from Yugoslavia. They are nearly identical to the Yugoslavian AKM Type II bayonet, save for the orange color.

It is not clear when production began. However, they were taken during the 1990–91 Persian Gulf War, as well as during the 2003 Iraq Invasion. This suggests that production continued right up to the fall of Saddam Hussien in 2003. This example has seen considerable service.

The double mold marks on the grip are characteristic of Iraqi production, as is the 7–digit serial number. The green-gray web retention strap is similar to the Yugoslavian retention strap. The Iraqi brown leather belt hanger has a brass thorn, a feature only shared by the Yugoslavian belt hanger. The belt hanger measures 3.625 in. (92 mm.) in length, exactly the same length as the Yugoslavian belt hanger.

This is one of the most attractive of all AK bayonets. The brightly-colored plastic is often referred to as Bakelite, although it is a modern polymer.

AK Bayonets Page

5.75 146
Scabbard (body): "8009456"
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