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KCB-77 M6
Knife bayonet for use with the 8 mm. Mauser Kar 98k rifle. This bayonet is historically-significant as the last bayonet designed for use with a Mauser military rifle.

The KCB–77 M6 bayonet was designed in 1989 by the German firm, A. Eickhorn GmbH & Co. für Schneidwaren und Waffen KG (AES). AES was one of the successors to the famous German blademaker, Carl Eickhorn Waffenfabrik.

The KCB–77 series are an improvement of the KCB–70 bayonet, which was designed in the late 1960s by Carl Eickhorn Waffenfabrik and the Netherlands firm NWM (Nederlandsche Wapen-en Munitiefabriek) for the Stoner 63A weapons system. Additional information regarding the history/development of the KCB–77 series are on the Post-War Germany page.

The KCB–77 M6's distinctive features are the inverted blade, rectangular hilt, and yellow color. The small hook on the lower crosspiece is a bottle-opener. The scabbard uses the belt hanger developed by AES to allow the soldier to detach the scabbard body for wire cutting, while leaving the belt hanger attached to the equipment belt.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had these made to equip the Saudi Arabian National Guard (SANG). The SANG is a separate paramilitary force loyal to the royal family. Its primary role is internal security to act as a counterbalance against a military coup.

This example is the bayonet pictured on page 315 of Jim Maddox' book, Collecting Bayonets.

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Bayonets of Saudi Arabia

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