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Thumbnail image, overall view of M1854 socket bayonetThumbnail image of M1854 socketThumbnail image of partial unit marking on M1854 elbowThumbnail image of inspection markings on M1854 elbowThumbnail image of M1854 blade, overhead viewThumbnail image of M1854 blade, bottom view M1854 Socket bayonet for use with the 13.9 mm. (.54 caliber) M1854 Lorenz rifle. This bayonet was also used with the M1854/67 Wanzl breech loading conversions.

The M1854 bayonet is easily identified by the helical mortise and flattened cruciform blade profile. The socket length measures 3.187 in. (81 mm.).

The Lorenz was imported in quantity by both sides during the U.S. Civil War. The Union imported over 225,000 and the Confederacy perhaps as many as 100,000, making the Lorenz second only to the .577 caliber Enfield rifle-musket, as the most common imported firearm.


19.00 483 22.187 564 .755 19.2 Elbow (left): Starburst and circle-L

Elbow (right): "61.280."

M1888 Knife bayonet for use on the 8 mm. M1888 Mannlicher rifle.

Click on the photo to see an Austrian M1888 bayonet used by Siam.

9.75 248 14.75 375 .655 16.6  
Knife bayonet for use on the 8 mm. M1895 Mannlicher rifle, which was produced in great quantities prior to and during the First World War.

Made at Oesterreichsche Waffenfabrik-Gesellschaft (Austrian State Weapons Manufacturing Company) in Steyr. This firm is still in business today, known simply as, Steyr.

The M1895 bayonet was the first knife bayonet to feature an inverted blade profile, where cutting edge faces upward when fixed.

Ricasso: Austrian (Hapsburg) Imperial Eagle and "OE" over "WG"

Crosspiece:  "32 30"

Pommel:  "7"

Scabbard:  "OE" over "WG"

Belt Frog Tooled brown leather belt frog for carrying the M1895 bayonet.

Measures 8.50 in. (216 mm.) long by 2.50 in. (64 mm.) wide at the widest point.

Carter classified this frog as #29.

Go to the Bayonet Belt Frogs Page.

n/a n/a n/a None.
Feldmesser 78 Bayonet-knife for use with the 5.56 mm. NATO caliber Steyr AUG (Armee Universal-Gewehr) assault rifle.

A socket in the pommel (covered by a plastic cap) engages a bayonet adapter that can be fitted to the rifle. Here's a picture from early Glock marketing materials showing the bayonet mounted to an AUG rifle.

The little tab on the upper crosspiece serves as a bottle opener.

The grip and scabbard are olive green. The scabbard is one-piece of molded plastic, with a belt hanger and a device that securely locks the bayonet into the scabbard.

The Feldmesser 78 (field knife 1978) was produced by Glock Gesellschaft mbH, of Deutsch Wagram, Austria. This example was actually issued in the Austrian Army. It bears the Österreichisches Bundesheer (Austrian Federal Army) roundel and the early round Glock trademark.


6.50 165 11.375 289 n/a Ricasso (left): "B' (circle with inverted triangle) "H" over Glock trademark and "78"

Grip (left): Glock trademark

Scabbard (side of body): Glock trademark

Feldmesser 78 This example is a current production commercial version of the Feldmesser 78. It is identical to the Austrian military version except for the coloration and markings.

Commercial Feldmesser 78 are found in olive, black (pictured), and tan colors. It bears commercial (export) markings and the later, more common, oblong Glock trademark.

6.50 165 11.375 289 n/a Ricasso (left): "made in" over "Austria" over Glock trademark and "78"

Grip (left): Glock trademark

Scabbard (side of body): Glock trademark

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Bayonets of Austria

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