Argentina—M1909 First Pattern 04/14/2018
Switzerland—Rexim-Favor 03/23/2018
Turkey—Ersatz M5 Bayonet 03/15/2018
Turkey—Turkish Copy of U.S. M5 Bayonet-Knife 03/03/2018
Australia—L1A2 Web Belt Frog 01/13/2018
Britain—RAF Pattern 1937 Web Belt Frog 10/15/2017
USA—M7 From Lan-Cay Contract 10/03/2017
Poland—6H4 Beryl 08/13/2017
Italy—M4 Bayonet marked A.E.T. 07/29/2017
Romania—AKM Type II Transitional (AIMS–74) 07/15/2017
Yugoslavia—M1924Б 06/25/2017
South Africa—M1 (FAL Type A) 06/09/2017
Australia—Pattern 1907 05/29/2017
Spain—G36 (KCB–77 M1/KH-JS) 05/22/2017
Poland—6H3 (AKM Type I) With Black Grip 05/14/2017
Czechoslovakia—Communist Period VZ-24 04/20/2017
Britain—No. 4 Mk. 2 04/07/2017
Russia—M1870 (Berdan II) 03/26/2017
Denmark—m/1915 03/16/2017
Sweden—m/1914 01/26/2017
Portugal—M1885 01/16/2017
Pakistan—Pakistani G3 01/02/2017
Denmark—M1848 Socket Bayonet 12/26/2016
Pakistan—No. 9 Mk. I 12/08/2016
Israel—IMI M7 Bayonet 11/27/2016
Britain—L3A1 (SA80) 11/11/2016
Britain—L3A1 (SA80) Belt Frog 11/11/2016
USA—M9 Bayonet by Tri-Technologies, Inc. 10/29/2016
Germany— "dot" S 24(t) 10/19/2016
Israel—Bayonet Mk. 1A 10/11/2016
Uruguay—M1894 09/23/2016
USA—M1847 Artillery Musketoon 09/15/2016
Czechoslovakia—Post-War VZ–24 09/07/2016
USA—U.S. Navy Mark 1 08/29/2016
India—1A Bayonet 08/21/2016
Britain—India Pattern Brown Bess 08/11/2016
Germany—KCB-77 M1 07/03/2016
China—AKM Type II Brass Pin 06/26/2016
Switzerland—Stgw. 90 06/20/2016
France—M1842 Sword 06/11/2016
Germany—Carter EB 116 Ersatz 05/28/2016
Sweden—m/1965 Eickhorn 05/14/2016
Turkey—No. 4 Mk. II 05/05/2016
Chile—Carabineros Yataghan 1908 05/02/2016
Afghanistan—"Khyber Pass" Socket Bayonet 04/16/2016
Switzerland—M1918/55 04/08/2016
Italy—M4 03/31/2016
USA—M1868 Sword Frog 03/22/2016
Turkey—M1874 Socket 03/12/2016
Austria—M1895 Ersatz 03/04/2016
USA—M8A1 Scabbard by Unknown Maker VIZ/WD 02/24/2016
Poland—6H4 (AKM Type II) MOLLE Frog 02/21/2016
Britain—Junior Enfield 02/13/2016
Iran—G3 01/31/2016
Iran—G3 Belt Frog 01/31/2016
Britain—Short Shank Dutch/Liege Socket Bayonet 01/12/2016
India—No. I Mk. I (Pattern 1907) 01/02/2016
Unknown/Unidentified—Movie Prop Bayonet 12/26/2015
USA—M1905 Scabbard Belt Protector 12/26/2015
Greece—M1 Bayonet 10/28/2015
USA—M8A1 Scabbards Produced by the Pennsylvania Working Home for the Blind 10/13/2015
Siam—Double-Edged Knife Bayonet 09/26/2015
USA—J. D. Greene Rifle 09/21/2015
Germany—G3 09/13/2015
USA—Red-Thread M10 Scabbard 09/08/2015
Unknown/Unidentified—M1874 Gras Bayonet—Alexander Coppel 09/01/2015
Brazil—M1935 08/22/2015
Austria—MP 34 Submachine Gun Bayonet 08/07/2015
Unknown—Leather Bayonet Belt Frog 08/04/2015
Russia—M1808 Socket Bayonet 07/31/2015
Yugoslavia—Polu-Automatska Puška M59 (SKS) Drill Rifle Bayonet 07/27/2015
Haiti—Uzi Submachine Gun 07/21/2015
Yugoslavia—M1924Б 07/11/2015
Canada—C1 and C7 Belt Frogs 07/03/2015
Spain—CETME Model L 06/28/2015
East Germany—AKM Bayonet Replacement Scabbard 06/21/2015
Spain—Standard-Modell, German Without Guard 06/12/2015
Germany—Rheinmetall G3 06/04/2015
Poland—6H3 (AKM Type I) With Brown Grip 05/17/2015
Indonesia—S1 (M7 Clone) 05/10/2015
India—Indian Conversion Brown Bess Bayonet 04/29/2015
USA—M1855 Socket Bayonet 04/21/2015
Sweden—m/1965 BAHCO 04/12/2015
Unknown/Unidentified—Plug Bayonet 04/04/2015
France—M1874—Henry Entrepreneur 03/31/2015
USA—Other M8A1 Scabbards 03/24/2015
South Korea—Modified Type 30 Bayonet Scabbard 03/22/2015
USA—Vietnam-Era Bayonet-Knife M7 in Original Wrapper 02/26/2014
USA—OKC3T Training Bayonet 02/24/2015
USA—M8A1 Scabbard Restraining Lace 02/07/2015
USA—Winchester-Hotchkiss Socket Bayonet 02/07/2015
China—Ersatz 01/31/2015
USA—Type I U.S. Fencing Bayonet 01/17/2015
Bulgaria—AR-M1 01/01/2015
Norway—M4 SLK 12/27/2014
USA—FZR-Marked U.S. Bayonet-Knife M7 12/25/2014
Britain—No. 4 Spike Bayonets in Cardboard Box 12/25/2014
Canada—C1 12/22/2014
Philippines—M7 12/06/2014
Jordan—No. 4 Mk. II* Socket Bayonet 11/24/2014
USA—Early U.S. Fencing Bayonet 11/23/2014
Argentina—M1871/84 Knife Bayonet 11/22/2014
Britain—Fairbairn-Sykes Combat Knife 11/02/2014
Argentina—SAFN 1949 10/25/2014
Unknown/Unidentified—U.S. Bayonet-Knife M6 Modified for M1 Carbine 10/08/2014
USA—M1891 Socket Bayonet by Remington 10/05/2014
Canada—C7 09/27/2014
Turkey—M1935 Modified for M1 Garand 09/17/2014
Austria—Scabbard for M1891 Socket Bayonet 09/06/2014
Prussia—M1809 Socket Bayonet 07/04/2014
Germany—M1871/84 Dress Bayonet 06/30/2014
USA—M1912 Picket Pin Scabbard 06/28/2014
Britain—No. 4 Spike Bayonet in Waxed Paper Wrapper 06/21/2014
Germany—M1871/84 06/07/2014
Turkey—G1 (FAL) 05/24/2014
USA—M4 Bayonet-Knife by Sportsworld 05/10/2014
Uruguay—Mauser M1871 Socket Bayonet 05/09/2014
USA—Archangel Ruger 10/22 05/01/2014
Britain—Long Shank Dutch/Liege Socket Bayonet 04/13/2014
Poland—Wz85 Fencing Bayonet 02/17/2014
Russia—Refurbished M1891/30 02/05/2014
Australia—M7 Knife Bayonet 01/19/2014
Japan—Type 30 Pole Bayonet 12/14/2013
Indonesia—KCB-77 Style Brimob 11/25/2013
Indonesia—AK47 11/25/2013
USA—M1873 Movie Prop 11/23/2013
USA—M1912 Fencing Bayonet 11/16/2013
Germany—M1884/98 Third Pattern Export 11/08/2013
Nepal—Brunswick Sword Bayonet 09/17/2013
Britain—STEN Mk. I 09/14/2013
South Africa—S.A. No. 9 vs. Uzi Blade Comparison 08/31/2013
USA—Johnson Model of 1941 07/17/2013
USA—M7 Bayonet and M10 Scabbard 07/13/2013
Britain—Sterling Submachine Gun 07/12/2013
South Africa—FAL Type B 06/16/2013
South Africa—S1 Leather Belt Frog 06/16/2013
Israel—Uzi Submachine Gun 06/16/2013
Unknown/Unidentified—Web Belt Frog 06/14/2013
Greece—FAL Type A Web Belt Frog 06/13/2013
Colombia—VZ–24 06/09/2013
Russia—Reworked AKM Type II 06/02/2013
Russia—AKM Type I Transitional 06/02/2013
USA—Remington M1867 05/25/2013
Mexico—M1936 05/25/2013
Belgium—FAL Type C with M1910-Style Belt Hanger Scabbard 05/25/2013
South Africa—R1 Bayonet with Steel Scabbard 05/17/2013
United Arab Emirates—M16 05/04/2013
Iraq—AKM Type II 03/25/2013
Yugoslavia—AKM Type II 03/17/2013
Belgium—FAL Type C with Steel Scabbard 03/17/2013
USA—Peabody M1867 03/15/2013
Chile—S.I.G. 510–4 Export 03/09/2013
Germany—G3 02/23/2013
Yugoslavia—M1899 02/16/2013
Nepal—Snider-Enfield Socket 01/28/2013
Norway—AG3 Type 2 01/01/2013
USA—M4 Bayonet-Knife by Kiffe 12/16/2012
Sweden—m/1860 12/05/2012
Austria—M1854 12/01/2012
Germany—KCB–77 M1 11/26/2012
Belgium—Cast FAL Type C 11/20/2012
Unknown/Unidentified—Mauser Export 11/20/2012
Netherlands—M1871 Second Pattern 11/19/2012
Switzerland—M1851 Federal Rifle 11/18/2012
China—M1935 11/18/2012
East Germany—AKM Type II (orange) 11/06/2012
Chile—M1895 (Steyr) 11/05/2012
Bulgaria—AK47 10/27/2012
Sweden—M1867/89 10/20/2012
Spain—M1871/93 10/20/2012
Egypt—AKM Type II Transitional 09/23/2012
Switzerland—M1918 08/31/2012
USA—M1819 08/21/2012
USA—Winchester M1866 Socket 08/18/2012
Switzerland—M1863 08/18/2012
Malaysia—No. 5 Mk. I (modified) 07/29/2012
Denmark—m/75 07/28/2012
Argentina—M1891 Modified for the U.S. Carbine M1 07/28/2012
Greece—No. 4 Spike Bayonet Belt Frog 07/07/2012
Luxembourg—SAFN 1949 06/16/2012
USA—Winchester M1873 Socket 06/16/2012
France—M1874—Sutterlin, Lippmann & Cie. 06/05/2012
Turkey—G3 06/02/2012
Egypt—AKM Type II Transitional 05/25/2012
South Korea—K–M5A1 05/23/2012
Italy—M1891 TS 05/22/2012
Germany—M1884/98 Belt Frog 05/12/2012
Belgium—M1916 Gendarmerie 05/12/2012
West Germany—G3 04/28/2012
Italy—BM59 / AR70 04/13/2012
China—AKM Type II (Green Grip) 04/08/2012
Italy—M1 Bayonet 03/25/2012
Iran—AKM Type I 03/25/2012
USA—Remington No. 5 Knife Bayonet 03/18/2012
Brazil—Mosquetão M968 03/18/2012
Siam (now Thailand)—Type 62 03/04/2012
South Africa—Pattern 1961/64 Web Pouch w/Integral Frog 02/20/2012
USA—Early Colonial Socket Bayonet 02/18/2012
Added: The U.S. Enfield Bayonet—P1913, M1917, M1917 (Vietnam) to the Bayonet Books page. 04/20/2018
Added: The U.S. Krag Bayonets—History, Variations, Modifications to the Bayonet Books page. 04/20/2018
Added: The Pitman Notes On U.S. Martial Small Arms and Ammunition, 1776-1933: Volumes 3 and 5 to the Firearms Books page. 03/24/2018
Added: M9 Bayonet: The Authorized History to the Bayonet Books page. 03/20/2018
Added: Unusual, Unfinished, And Undocumented U.S. Fencing Bayonet to the Articles page. 01/14/2018
Added: Virginia Manufactory of Arms Bayonets to the Bayonet Books page. 01/14/2018
Added: Crown Jewels—The Mauser in Sweden: A Century of Accuracy & Precision to the Firearms Books page. 04/07/2017
Added: Bayonets Swedish-Danish-Norwegian-Finnish: A Collector's Guide to Scandinavian Bayonets to the Bayonet Books page. 03/11/2017
Added: Book of the Garand to the Firearms Books page. 02/11/2017
Added: China's Small Arms of the 2nd Sino-Japanese War (1937–1945) to the Firearms Books page. 01/19/2017
Added: International Armament to the Firearms Books page. 12/12/2016
Added: The Serbian, Montenegrin and Yugoslavian Bayonets and Fighting Knives to the Bayonet Books page. 11/25/2016
Added: Promise Meets Hard Luck:  The KCB–70 Bayonet; the Eickhorn Brand’s Evolution and Participation in U.S. Bayonet Trials; and the Elusive Pursuit of Commercial Success to the Articles page. 10/15/2016
Added: Socket Bayonets—A History and Collector's Guide to the Bayonet Books page. 04/23/2016
Added: Providence Tool Co. Military Arms to the Bayonet Books page. 04/01/2016
Added: The AR-10 Rifle, World's Best Battle Rifle to the Firearms Books page 03/12/2016
Added: German Sword and Knife Makers: The definitive directory of makers and marks, from 1850 to 1945 to the Bayonet Books page 11/05/2015
Added: U.S. Knife Bayonets & Scabbards to the Bayonet Books page 09/12/2015
Added: Swords & Blades of the American Revolution to the Bayonet Books page 08/10/2015
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Added: The 1903 Springfield Rifles to the Firearms Books page 05/22/2015
Added: Numbers in 26 Languages and Months in 33 Languages to the Bayonet Reference Material page 05/20/2015
Added: My New Article on M8A1 Scabbards Produced at the Pennsylvania Working Home for the Blind to the Articles Index 03/08/2015
Added: Bayonet Points 2014: U.S. Bayonets of the 20th Century to the Bayonet Books Page 11/08/2014
Added: The Siamese Mauser: A Study of Siamese/Thai Type 45 & Type 46 Long Rifles and Type 47 Carbines, Including an Overview of Siamese/Thai Weapons 1860-2014 to the Firearms Books page 09/20/2014
Added: German Sutterlin Font page 07/01/2014
Added: The American Bayonet 1776–1964 to the Bayonet Books page 05/19/2014
Added: Proud Promise: French Autoloading Rifles 1898–1979 to the Firearms Books page 04/07/2014
Added: A Pistol Observation Addendum to The Imperial German Regimental Marking [Revised Edition] to the Bayonet Books page 03/15/2014
Added: A Bibliography of the Bayonet by R.D.C. Evans to the Bayonet Books page 01/26/2014
Added: 1882—The Coil Spring Press Stud to the Bayonet History Timeline 01/11/2014
Added: About page 12/07/2013
Added: The Carcano: Italy's Military Rifle to the Firearms Books page 11/23/2013
Added: Russian Edged Weapons, Polearms, and Bayonets 18th–20th Century, Volumes I and II to the Bayonet Books page 09/27/2013
Added: Submachine Gun Bayonets page 09/19/2013
Added: Turkish Conversion Bayonets to fit US M1 Garand Rifle by Dennis Ottobre to Articles Index 07/19/2013
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Added: Mannlicher Military Rifles—Straight Pull and Turn Bolt Designs to the Firearms Books page 06/10/2013
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Added: Glossary of Bayonet Terms 03/28/2013
Updated: Foreign Military Cartridge Rifles and Bayonets — Quick Reference Table 01/13/2013
Added: G3 Bayonets page 01/01/2013
Added: German Combat Knives 1914–1945 to the Bayonet Books page 09/28/2012
Added: The Complete Book on U.S. Sniping to the Firearms Books page 09/09/2012
Updated: New hardcover edition of Brayley's, Bayonets: An Illustrated History, to the Bayonet Books page. 08/25/2012
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Updated: Bayonet Collecting page 04/20/2012
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